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We are currently studying our way through the first eleven chapters of Genesis. Genesis is, of course, the “Book of Beginnings” and the first eleven chapters, in particular, are fundamental to every major Biblical doctrine.

Our study is timely in that the literal historicity of Genesis is being called into question like never before. But to take any other interpretive approach to Genesis, save for the literal, historical, and grammatical approach is to undermine the authority of all Scripture.

Sadly, much of Christendom has allegorized, symbolized, and spiritualized God’s clear teaching, starting with Genesis 1:1, in order to accommodate some form of evolutionary theory with its millions/billions of years.

Come join us on a wonderful adventure where we will reaffirm that GOD Created everything in six normal 24 hour days and that the Biblical narrative which follows the literal creation week is real history and crucial to a proper understanding of this world in which we live.

From the heart,


Rev. Thomas W. Teall

Calvary Baptist Church